Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Cabo

Bradley and his family went to Cabo, and after some serious arm twisting (read he mentioned it to me and I totally jumped on it like an invite!) I packed a bag and made Bradley carry all my stuff to the car. Even though I have already been in school 2 weeks, Brad doesn't start until the 28th, so I have decided I can take a couple days off with that extended MLK weekend. The weather here is AMAZING! It just really sucks not being able to do anything with my fucked up knee. My biggest problem at the moment is my inability to sit still and aggravating my injury further with all the stupid shit that I keep on doing!

If people could see my face in this picture, there's a chance that I wouldn't even post it. It's times like these that I realize how vain I really am. I always like to pretend I don't care about the way I look and I am all about what's on the inside. But if I really am truly honest with myself, I am completely obsessed with my body and how it looks! I was born and raised in LA, it's practically impossible for me to be any other way, right? I have only been sitting on my ass for 2 weeks and I am already looking like a tubby lard ass next to my boyfriend with the hard body! I miss my abs, and my pecs and my arms. I miss wearing a tight t-shirt and seeing my muscles through the material. Most of all I miss the confidence that I have in myself when I am in top physical condition.

I really need to stop eating brownies and chocolate cakes right before I go to sleep...

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