Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Truth or Dare?

I hate how even when I make a conscious effort to keep my clothes on at parties, somehow they always end up in a pile somewhere on the floor! It's like this HUGE conspiracy that everybody I know is in on. I am convinced that everybody I have ever met, joins in on this conspiracy to get me disrobed in front of large groups of people, because it really does happen a lot!

As most of you know, I am in Mammoth having a good time with some friends. Basically its been 5 days of snowboarding and drinking games which culminated in last night's rousing game of truth or dare. As you can clearly see in the picture, I ended up dripping wet in a speedo. What the picture doesn't tell you is that it was 30 F outside (for those of you that don't speak American, that's -1 C!!) and I was so cold that my testicles ascended into my stomach and my penis shriveled up into a second bellybutton!

I rang in the new year wiggling into Bradley's hoodie (with bradley still in it!) to keep warm. We just spooned on the couch enjoying a nice buzz, and each other's company. The rest night was extremely mellow and I loved it! I have had some crazy parties on new years, but the best ones are always the ones like this. Where things are so calm that you can take in everything around you and know you will remember it forever.


Reggie said...

I am honoured to be the first to say you look rather delicious in those speedos. How you remained healthy after getting wet in 30 degree weather is beyond me. You must have super powers.

Jason said...

LOOK! There I am in the background fully dressed and laughing at you! hahaha. That was a lot of fun wasn't it!?