Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What's next

In that passed 4 months I have been to over 30 cities in 16 countries on 3 separate continents! On top of that I have my master’s program to deal with, not to mention my personal life. While I have been enjoying myself a lot, I would be lying if I said that it’s been a cake walk. When there’s so much to do, it’s always the smallest details that get neglected. Like forgetting to proof read a term paper, or not packing a jacket on a trip to NYC, or even forgetting to remind my boyfriend how much I’ve been missing him.

Still the strangest thing is I had no idea how taxing this all was until I finally had a moment to kick off my shoes and relax! I got my final grades back for the quarter and there were more B’s than I am used to seeing, and my reviews were less than sparkling. These were grades were definitely a wake up call because they forced me to deal with the fact that something has to give.

Lucky for me I am no longer supporting my mother and all my siblings, so I know exactly what I can do to free up some extra time. A small part of me is going to miss all those free trips to all the coolest places on the planet, but mostly I am already feeling this huge sense of relief. I am sick to death of always feeling like I am a god damn performing monkey! Sometimes I don’t want to smile and sometimes I don’t want to be nice to people, and sometimes I want to grab my boyfriend and make out with him in front of everybody and not care what anybody is thinks about it!

New Years Resolution #1: Take some time to enjoy life. Maybe take a yoga class or two, or maybe stay in on a Sunday and spend the entire day having the kind of sex people would pay big money to watch.


Jess said...

If I were you I would have quit school for a little while so I could continue my job! DO you genuinely believe you will be making this much money after you graduate? Where are your priorities?

Jason said...

Good riddance to that god awful job! This has to be the best decision you have made all year! hahaha All 10 days of it! The one thing I have to say is you make one hell of a performing monkey, whether you like it or not... Maybe you should think about doing it for a living! After everything else is all said and done, it could be worse, you could be ugly.