Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snow Fun

Most of the lifts were closed because of the massive snow storm, so we found it necessary to make our own fun. Nothing like jumping over a couple of kegs to get the blood pumping! Since my friends and I weren't able to go out there and show off our mad skillz, we decided to turn all of our energies to consuming large quantities of alcohol and marijuana. So yeah... I guess that doesn't really differ from any other Saturday except for that whole snow thing.

It's like 2 in the morning and I am freezing cold, but I can't find the will power to get up and turn the thermostat up. Because however cold I am now, it's going to be a million times colder once I get away from these blankets [and bradley]. So instead I am going to sit here and bitch about it and hope that somebody else will sacrifice their own blankets and go turn the heat up! I AM SO COLD!!!


Jason said...

I was freezing my ass off in bed last night thinking exactly the same thing. Except, I've had to piss since 2 in the morning and I just dealt with it because it was too fucking cold to get out of bed!!! My future UTI is all on you. I hope you are happy!

Anonymous said...

Besides having sex with a guy, do you ever do anything gay!?

Trevor said...

I don't understand why you keep comments like this anonymous guy on your blog when you can so easily erase them. I know how they piss you off, I know how much they piss me off!