Thursday, January 31, 2008

Very Happy Un-Birthday

NOBODY walks places in So Cal unless they are hippies, or really really drunk! Last night I walked home, and since I hate patchouli oil, it was obviously because I was EXTREMELY drunk. Last night we had a little mini party at a sushi restaurant because the guy on Bradley's fake ID turned 23! After consuming around a gallon of warm saki between the 5 of us and about 4 large Asahi beers each, leaving our car and walking off an extreme buzz seemed like the best idea.

I wouldn't shut up about how much I didn't want to walk and how we should have gotten a cab, so I got to ride Bradley all the way back home. When we got home poor Bradley was so exhausted he could barely make it up the stairs! Hahaha! I think he was just looking for an excuse to not help me set up the air mattresses in the den. We only walked for a mile, or two...

I have class at 2pm, but I haven't gotten out of bed yet, and I have no desire to do so any time soon. Bradley got up 3 hours ago because he had practice and apparently missing a practice when you play for a major CA University is a big deal. However, I don't have that problem, so I am thinking that I will either be very late to class, or I won't go at all. Times like these are when I know I should clear my head, get very serious, and ask myself, "WWJD?"

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